How A Lamey Wellehan Business Account Can Help Your Company Today

Have You Considered How Proper Footwear For Your Employees Can Benefit Your Company And Your Employees?

For generations we have helped Maine businesses outfit their employees with comfortable and properly fitted footwear.
• Lamey Wellehan will provide your employees with the footwear that you require and that will help them get the job done.
• Lamey Wellehan’s foot health services help reduce absences and worker’s compensation issues.
• You’ll receive a 10% discount off all regularly-priced footwear and inserts.

Why Should Your Company Have A Lamey Wellehan Business Account? 

• Selection: Our stores stock thousands of shoes and boots from all of the top brands – Keen, Chippewa, Wolverine, Carolina, Timberland, and more.
• Convenience: Our six locations in Maine are open 7 days a week so your employees can visit us at the time best for them and at the store closest to them.
• Customization: We can take your purchase order, or create a customized voucher for you and your staff, specifying what can be purchased and how much is allowed to be charged.
• Service: We know how to measure feet and fit shoes properly. Our staff included Retail Pedorthist Specialists who understand feet and can help with foot issues and concerns.
• Efficiency: Purchases can be made in any Lamey Wellehan store, but billing is centralized. You’ll receive one monthly statement for all purchases.

What Is A Lamey Wellehan Business Account?

A tailored program that fits your company’s needs. Open a 30 day charge account with us and your employees can come into our stores for the shoes they need. Examples include:

Purchases can have a specific price limit, with any overage paid by the employee (for example, the limit could be $100 per shoe or per transaction).
Purchases can be allowed for specific product group(s) (safety toe only, insulated only, orthotics or arch supports, etc.).
We can create a voucher that you sign and distribute to your employees, authorizing the purchase.

If you want the best for your employees and your business, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to share all the benefits of a Lamey Wellehan’s Business Account.


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