The Lamey Wellehan Maine Difference Scholarship

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The Maine Difference Scholarship, a program funded by Lamey-Wellehan, is intended to aid in the cost of attaining education for a Maine young person studying at a Maine college or university.

The focus of the student’s studies should be on the ecology and economics of Maine. The emphasis on these aspects with Maine as an intense background is structured to ensure that both the student and the State of Maine benefit from the scholarship and careers that result from the student’s education.

The award is a renewable $1,000 scholarship for undergraduate study at any college or university in Maine. Lamey Wellehan has eliminated shopping bags at all of our stores with the goal of helping to reduce the millions of bags that are flooding our environment. The money we once used to purchase these bags is now being funneled into our scholarship program which has allowed us to increase our scholarship offerings to three annually.

To be eligible to receive The Maine Difference Scholarship, the applicant must be either:
  • A Maine high school senior who will graduate in the spring and who will enter a Maine college in the fall; or
  • A graduate of a Maine high school in one of the four years preceding the current year who will be enrolled in a Maine college in the fall.

Submit the completed application by May 30th.

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Past winners

2021 winners: Margo Kenyon, Theodore Hallett & Isabella Pols

2020 winners: Laura Fitzgerald, Ava Petrin & Terra Gallo

2019 winners: Steve Kaze, Madeline Williams & Nathaniel Berry

2018 winners: Ethan Gagnon, Joseph Heath & Cole Lapointe

2017 winners: Maeve McGowan, Brittany Farrar & Sierra Hopkins

2016 winners: Sam Sewell, Signe Lynch & Lars Gunderson

2015 winners: Sully Jackson, Mary Everett & Zachary Little

2014 winners: Fudumo Musse, Blake Dyer & Brigitte Parady

2013 winner: Briar Bragdon

2012 winner: Gwendolyn Beacham

2011 winner: Daniel Rand

2010 winner: Samual Seekings

2009 winner: Kevin Leavitt

2008 winner: Stephanie Yum

2007 winner: Laura Wood

2006 winner: Adam Lyons

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