While at home, we’ve asked our Lamey Wellehan associates to share how they’re spending their time social distancing. Some of us are using our favorite Lamey Wellehan products to help us find comfort during these uncertain times. We want you to remember we are here for you during this time in history and we hope you’ll find some inspiration from us.

Today we will hear from Ann, our resident avid reader, accessory buyer & customer service representative for our web department. You’ve likely chatted with Ann in our stores or while placing a phone or web order. Ann has been a loyal member of our Lamey Wellehan community for over 30 years & always has the best book recommendations:

While I am at home social distancing, I’ve been looking for ways to keep busy. Other than movies, cooking and a lot of cleaning, I’ve found solace in my books. Reading is one of my favorite activities and being home has allowed me the time to get into some good books and escape into a different reality for a bit.

Fortunately for me, on my last visit with my sister (before we were socially distanced), she gave me some new books so I have plenty to keep my mind occupied. I just finishedBeneath a Scarlet Skyby Mark Sullivan. It’s based on a true story of Pino Leila, a forgotten Italian hero and his courage in fighting the Nazis during WWII. If you’re interested in historical fiction, I would recommend this book take you away to a different time.

Next on my list isWhen We Believed in Mermaidsby Barbara O’Neal. This fictional book is the story of two sisters; one who believes the other is dead. Fifteen years later, she will find her sister on television and travel to New Zealand to find her; uncovering truths and lies along the way. I am looking forward to diving into this book.

While reading, I find a good book pairs well with a cup of coffee, a soft throw blanket, my pup Molly and warm, cozy socks. I prefer merino wool for its softness and ability to keep my chilly feet warm while I leaf through a book. For that reason, you’ll often find me in a pair of Darn Tough or Smartwool socks. I’ve linked my favorite pairs from each brand below.

Smartwool Margarita Deep Navy

Darn Tough Woodland Creatures Charcoal

I hope you stay healthy and comfy while you lose yourself in a good book at home as we collectively social distance.

Let us know what you’re doing at home while you are socially distancing. Have you read a good book and would like to recommend it to Ann, please leave us a comment. Let’s stay in touch while we move through this together.