While at home, we’ve asked our Lamey Wellehan associates to share how they’re spending their time social distancing. Some of us are using our favorite Lamey Wellehan products to help us find comfort during these uncertain times. We want you to remember we are here for you during this time in history and we hope you’ll find some inspiration from us.

Today we will hear from Robin, a sales associate in our Auburn location. She has worked part time with us at Lamey Wellehan since 2017 while her full time job as librarian at one of Auburn’s elementary schools. If you’ve been fortunate to work with Robin in our Auburn location, you know she is kind, caring and a pleasure to talk to:

While there are no students in school, there is still much to be done in the library. I am currently going through the library’s collection to remove outdated titles while making a list of books to add to the collection for next school year.

As educators, we miss our students and worry about them during these uncertain times. As a way to keep our connection strong and lively, I have been filming myself reading books and making the videos available for students to watch from home, it’s a virtual story hour! Currently, I am setting up a virtual meeting place where students and I can connect and interact via Zoom. It’s most important to me to foster the connection between students and myself even if we cannot meet in the library or our school’s hallways right now.

As a sales associate, I miss my guests and the club leaders who frequent our Auburn location. The best part of my job at Lamey Wellehan is working with others and ensuring they have the best shoes for their feet and their needs. I miss helping people who have pain in their feet and solving that issue by getting them into a pair of shoes that are more comfortable.

I look forward to the day where our schools are open and the hallways are flooded with my students once more. I look forward to the day when our stores are open and full of guests who I can help get into footwear that is right for their daily needs.

At Lamey Wellehan, we are thankful for Robin’s service in our schools and her dedication to her students. We look forward to her friendly face in our stores once more and we are certain those of you who know her are too. We appreciate the ways Robin is finding to connect to her students. How are you connecting with your loved ones during these times? Let us know in the comments below. Let’s stay in touch as we move through this together.